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Bring a dish for the Directors and staff!

                                                 On our last 2 weeks of band camp, the Band Boosters organize lunch for our directors…..

Uniform help needed!

Help get our marchers fitted in Marching Uniforms!  It is a great way to get involved and to get to know the kids.  Instruction will be given on site.  No sewing involved! Uniform help during band camp  

Band Camp Lunches for the Directors

On our 12 hour days, the Band Boosters organize lunches for directors and staff to show appreciation for their hard work.  Please help by signing up to provide a dish to share! Director and Staff Lunches for Band Camp

Marching Band Uniform Information

July 6, 2017 The marching season is fast approaching.  Now is the time to get ready for up-coming band performances.  The following is a list of musts that your marcher will need to look and smell their best on the…..