Marching Band Policies and Forms

Handbook and Schedules

Medication Policies

Should students need to bring prescription or non-prescription medication to Band Camp, the appropriate form must be filled out and  given to one of the directors by a parent. Medication is kept in a locked area and accessible by the directors and Milford Schools staff. All medications will be kept and distributed by a director or parent who is a district employee that has completed the district’s extra-curricular supervision training. As a reminder–per school policy, no student may self-medicate at school with the exception of EpiPens and Inhalers. Students with EpiPens and Inhalers may carry these medications with them, provided that the district self medication form has been filled out and turned in to the directors. If your child has a specific medical need (food allergy, asthma, etc.), please make sure that the band directors are aware as well as the Band Camp head chaperones (Blaise Hoopes, [email protected]). 

School District Forms

The Milford School district uses the FinalForms system for all forms related to extracurricular participation. Prior to the first day of Band Camp, all forms need to be completed and signed by the parent and student. Your child cannot participate in any tryout, practice, or competition until these forms are complete.

In addition to completing FinalForms online, a Physical Form needs to be updated annually for each student. This form must be completed by a physician, and a paper copy of the completed form must be turned into the main office prior to Band Camp. (Staple the loose pages together, write “Marching Band” at the top right corner, and deliver to the High School Office.) The Physical Form is available for download from Final Forms.

Additional Forms

The following forms may be needed for the upcoming season.