Volunteer Opportunities

Our volunteer goal is that every parent volunteers two times or more during marching band season (July – November), and three times or more during the school year. Volunteer opportunities come up all year long, and are publicized in the weekly newsletter and through social media channels.

You can let the Boosters know about your skills and interests, and we can connect you with volunteer opportunities throughout the year. Complete the Volunteers Areas of Interest form here.

Volunteer Principles

  • Every member of the Milford Band family is valuable and everyone’s time, efforts, and talents are unique gifts that are appreciated, respected, recognized, and never taken for granted.
  • Volunteers provide our organization with credibility, expertise, insight, diversity, and perspective that enlightens our operations, helps fulfill our mission, and engages the community in our activities.
  • Volunteers are responsible for the quality of their work, their conduct while representing Milford Band, and for meeting their commitment to event or activity.

Volunteer Expectations

  •  Be on time, honor your commitment and come when scheduled.
  • Sign in and out when you arrive to volunteer.
  • Know your duties and stay on task.
  • Cooperate with staff and your fellow volunteers to maintain a team attitude.
  • Voice your opinions and contribute your suggestions to improve work.
  • Treat all volunteers, staff, and attendees of the event with respect.