BOA Regional @ Fortress Obetz

The Marching Eagles’ first BOA competition is just a few days away! Please review the following information about the BOA Regional at Fortress Obetz.

  • Fortress Obetz is located at 2015 Recreation Trail, Obetz, OH 43207.
  • The Band performs in Prelims at 1pm.
  • We have made the following update on the meal plan:
    • The original meal plan called for the Band Boosters to provide lunch and a snack, and for dinner to be an “on your own” purchase at the stadium.
    • Since originally publishing the Obetz itinerary, we have learned that stadium concessions will be closed during the dinner break.
    • We have slightly changed the schedule. Following preliminary performance, the Band will change out of uniform and return to the stadium for the rest of Prelims. They can purchase lunch from stadium concessions during this time.
    • Following Prelims awards, the Band will exit the stadium, and the Boosters will provide a pizza dinner.
    • The updated Milford Bands itinerary is available here.
  • Competition and facility information from BOA are available here. Please note that admission prices are higher at this event, and that Prelims and Finals are ticketed as two separate events.
  • We still need help from nine more people on Props. Volunteers get free admission to the event and assist with unloading and loading, as well as moving equipment onto and off the field. Sign up here:
Sign Up!

See you in Obetz!