Donation Day!

2017 Donation Day flier

Milford Band Boosters and Milford Choral Boosters 4th Annual DONATION DAY

Saturday, September 16th from 9:00am to 1:30pm

DONATION DAY…What’s a DONATION DAY?? Donation Day is a door-to-door solicitation of the Milford Exempted Village School District by students who are members of the Milford High School Band and Choral Programs. Music organizations all over the area/state/country successfully utilize this method of fundraising, including Sycamore, Lebanon, and Kings, just to name a few to raise a large portion of their annual operating funds.

How is this done?

Students will be asked to sign up in teams of 2 at school. We will be looking for up to 50 adult drivers to take two teams of 2 (4 students) to a route. Students will meet in the MHS cafeteria at 9:00am to meet their driver. The “driver,” a parent of the students, is given specific streets to cover. We call these routes. The students and drivers will go door to door on these routes for about 1.5 to 2 hours to collect donations.

What about Safety?

Students will never be out of the driver’s sight. Students will be instructed to NEVER enter a house. Students will always go to houses in pairs. There will not be any students who go to a house alone. If they feel uneasy about something (i.e. a loud barking dog) then they are instructed to skip the house.

What do they say at the doors?

Students will be given a brief script with which to ask for donations for the band and choral programs. Students will also have fliers to leave with those who donate and those who are not home. Fliers will indicate ways to donate as well as performance dates for the school year.

Are students expected to participate?

Yes, all high school band and choir students are expected to participate in this event. They benefit directly from the funds received.

What should students wear and bring?

Students will wear their red band polo, choir or show shirt and band jacket (if weather is cool) with “school appropriate” shorts or blue jeans with comfortable walking shoes. Students need to bring a water bottle.

Where and When do they report?

All students report to the MHS cafeteria and all drivers report to the MHS Choir room at 9:00am on Saturday, September 16th. Students and drivers will be given further instructions at that time. There is a separate information meeting for drivers and for students before everyone leaves for their routes.

How can parents help?

We will need up to 50 drivers. Please consider helping that day. We will assign all students to their parent driver, unless the parent says otherwise. In some cases, where two parent drivers have offered to drive the same group, adjustments may need to be made. We will give drivers a detailed map of the area and their streets to cover.

We appreciate everyone’s participation in DONATION DAY!