Marching Band Uniform Information

July 6, 2017

The marching season is fast approaching.  Now is the time to get ready for up-coming band performances.  The following is a list of musts that your marcher will need to look and smell their best on the field this season.


  1. ALL FRESHMEN (except color guard) must order marching shoes.  Ordering shoes was included in the original band paperwork and was most likely paid for in April.  If not, they should do so now.  If you check your most recent band statement, it will list “Shoes” on an invoice if you have already ordered shoes.
  2. VETERANS:  They need to try on their shoes to make sure they fit.  This is for their comfort and safety.  Shoe orders must be made prior to the start of band camp.

 *ALL fittings will be handled during band camp.*

 Cost: $40.00  (Include your child’s name in the memo section, and “Shoes”.)

 Checks payable to: Milford Band Boosters

 Mail to:  Milford Band Boosters;  P.O. Box 204;  Milford, OH  45150

 Payment must be received by July 15, 2017 to purchase new shoes.

A shoe pick-up schedule will be sent out as soon as the shoes arrive.  The person picking up the shoes will need to sign for the shoes, and the shoes need to be paid for in full at that time.

GARMENTS – What to Wear Under Uniform

  1. All marchers are to wear a BLACK, form fitting “Under Armor” type shirt (with sleeves) and shorts under their uniform.  No baggy/boxer type shorts or T-shirts.
  2. All marchers are to wear BLACK SOCKS to wear with their uniform.
  3. Girls need hair ties and/or nets to put hair up under the hat.
  4. Boys with long hair must wear a hair net to keep hair under the hat.


  1. PLEASE remind your child to use deodorant.  This helps keep the uniforms fresh.  The less we have to wash uniforms the longer they will last.
  2. It would be helpful to send in a dryer sheet to place in their uniform bag.

We are looking forward to working with your students to keep them looking sharp on the field.  


Shana McKinney

Marching Uniform Chairperson

shanamckinney92 @